Category and Search Scenarios

The most common ways to discover products on ASOS are via search or by browsing categories.

The ASOS product catalogue is arranged into a tree like structure of categories and floors. Think of ASOS as a large department store where there are Women’s and a Men’s floors with each floor having various departments.

A category is a group of products set up to be shown together for example “Dresses”, “Beauty” or “Jewellery & Watches”.  The category structure is hierarchical and the master parent nodes are floors. Our main floors are Women (id 1000) and Men (id 1001).

A category can also contain other child categories, for example Beauty (id 1314) contains sub categories for different types of beauty products including Hair, Make-up, Nails and more.

A product can exist in more than one category.

Try it out using our I/O Docs


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