Product Scenarios

A dress, a jacket or a pair of shoes are all examples of a product at ASOS. A product can have one or more variants with each size / colour permutation as a different variant. For example, if a dress we stock is available in black or red and sizes 8, 10, 12 that product will have 6 variants, each representing a different combination. Variants are what the user actually adds to the basket and they relate directly to physical items of stock in our warehouse.

Think of the Product item as representing the idea of a product (eg “ASOS Wrap Dress with Tie Waist”) and its variants being the detail or the ‘tangible’ items people buy (eg. Black, size UK 10). Variants of the same product can have different prices.

Product scenarios deal with getting the detail for a product, similar to what you see on a product page on the website.

  • Get information about a product - How to get details of a specified product, similar to what you would find on a product page eg price, description, care info, images and information similar or related products.

Try it out using our I/O Docs


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